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Mother's Day Card - Recycling

We are back for another recycling series of our boxes and containers. For this Mother's Day, let's make a card for Mama :)

The materials you will be needing: - paper

- poster paint

- markers

- box / container

  1. Prepare your materials

  2. Cut the box into a strip, roll and tie it with a rubber band

  3. On your paper, cut out a colored paper or draw a triangle as the base bouquet of the flowers

  4. Pour some paint on the container cover

  5. Stamp the rolled strip on your card and decorate with leaves and dots

  6. Add a message inside the card

And you're done! We hope you enjoyed making this as much as we did. Happy Mother's Day to all our Moms out there ❤

Our MOM Kakanin is available at our Kamias branch and via GrabFood/Foodpanda For orders, you may call us at (02) 8330-0130 or order here

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