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Dolor's Kakanin

Locally Handmade Native Delicacies

Our branches are currently located in Kamias, QC and Cash & Carry, Makati. Our products feature handmade native delicacies that are enjoyed by Filipino families for almost a century. Made from the freshest ingredients locally to give your classic favorites a new and innovating twists and flavors.

We Are

the third generation of the family that began Dolor's Kakanin in the 1930's. We take pride in quality as all our native delicacies are handmade. We still follow our heirloom recipe but adapt to current culinary trends. We also customize and innovate new flavors.

We aim to educate the younger generations of our Native Delicacies one kakanin at a time.


The food we serve at Dolor's Kakanin are classic native delicacies, catching up with the trends and innovating developments that will bridge the gap between old school to the new generation.


Assorted Kakanin

are commonly mistaken as Sapin-Sapin. It is called Assorted Kakanin because it has 6 variations: Biko, Ube Kalamay, Kamoteng Kahoy, Kutsinta Kalamay, Mais Kalamay and the Sapin-Sapin



another party box arranged like a pinwheel, where you get a bit of everything - Ube Halaya, Puto Cake, Puto Pandan, Puto Ube, Pitsi-Pitsi and Kutsinta


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Kamias 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Cash & Carry 10:00 am - 9:00 pm


25 K-6th St., West Kamias, Quezon City

02 8330 0130

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