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Disney's Moana Themed Party

This was actually our first Themed Package during the pandemic. We came up with customizing our products according to theme. Our team made sure to be able to relate the products to the movie which they changed the names to Disney's Moana characters/objects. The food labels are also part of the package.

For this theme, Biko-Kamura is placed in a customized shot glass perfect for solo serving (comes with a small spoon). The Pitsi Voyagers are set on boats and added the flag for the theme. For Hei Hei's Rocks, our team used the Bite Sized Assorted Kakanin that are already individually cut. We also have polvoron Sands of Motunui, to complete the package, great to hand out as give-aways.

It is packed in boxes with a list of the products and props included for the package. The clients will be the one arranging the items on the venue. You may reach us at 8330-0130 or message us through our social media (Facebook / Instagram) for more details.

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