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Encanto Themed Party

For this event, the sisters celebrated their birthday together with the eldest as Isabella and the youngest as Mirabel. We have also customized the Encanto door for the birthday celebrants to serve as props.

Isabella's Puto Flowers

Shaped in different flowers for Puto Pandan, Puto Plain and Puto Ube.

Pepa's Sapin-Sapin Cloud

Bite-Sized Sapin-Sapin served individually.

Luisa's Power Biko

Biko balls served individually as well.

Julieta's Healing Kutsinta

Classic Kutsinta with budbod ready to munch.

Bruno's Vision Sand

We had the polvoron packed in jars and shot glasses. Jars could also be given as give away and shot glasses to be served during the party.

You may reach us at 8330-0130 or message us through our social media (Facebook / Instagram) for more details.

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