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Mother's Day

Updated: May 27, 2021

How did you celebrate Mother's Day this year?

Some were lucky to visit their moms and spend some time together while others connected virtually via video calls. No matter how we spent our Mother's Day, the important thing is how our moms felt and knew that we love them and we are also here for them just as how they are to us. We do not just honour mothers but the persons that also took the role of a mother. We would not be this person we are today if it were not for them. Thank you is not enough for all the sacrifices you did for us.

For those moms who passed, who are spending Mother's Day, let us not be sad for they are in a better place and remember the good memories that we had together with them.

For those moms that we do not usually talk to, take time to check in and connect with them, life is short to have regrets.

For those moms that are always there, remind them that you love them and we are also here for them

To all the Moms, we want you to know that we appreciate you not only during your day but everyday of lives.

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