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Vehicle Themed Party

Last June our young client celebrated his 2nd birthday. Ethan is fond of anything with wheels but prefers fire trucks and police cars. For this intimate event, we have customized our kakanin according to the theme.

Maja Police

The Maja Blanca are placed in a shot glass and the stickers are also customized with the birthday boy's name.

Puto Stop Light

We have customized the colors for the Puto with red, yellow and green to make stop lights.


Our customized kakanin is made of Mais Kalamay, Kutsinta Kalamay, Ube Kalamay, Sapin-Sapin and Black Kutsinta.

Party themed package comes with customized props/stickers, food label and labeled box.

You may reach us at 8330-0130 or message us through our social media (Facebook / Instagram) for more details.

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